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Windows Application

Development, Service, Support.

iOS App-development

Even if you are of the opinion that you do not need an app to expand your Windows software. Your customers expect it anyway.

Android App-development

Even if you like iOS & Apple. Android has significantly more market share, so an app should always work on the Android platform, too.


The right framework for modern software development. Do you or your team need training?


The most advanced development tool for Windows & Cross platform development. Training, education and project service.


Almost every software has an interface to an external database server. REST or SOAP services are part of the agenda.


You don't need a full day of training, but only one hour of help with a problem every now and then? With a TeamViewer session, this is no longer witchcraft today.

Training at your office

Would you like a customized training or consultation in your office? On-site training on a daily basis.

Sourcecode Review

Actually, you prefer to program yourself, but need help with some aspects of your software? Do you need tips on how to make your software better and safer?

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